12 oz of Balsamic Vinegar

This white balsamic will transport you through your taste buds to your favorite tropical location – a delicious combination of creamy coconut and fresh pineapple. No need to pair this one – pour directly on your salad as a dressing or as a marinade for seafood. Try using it as a marinade for shrimp, cake in coconut breading and fry – you have the best coconut shrimp you’ve ever tasted. Endless possibilities.

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Dark Glass Bottle
12 oz of Balsamic Vinegar

Imagine celery that tastes like licorice. That is fennel: a vegetable with sweet, crispy stalks and lacy, frond-like leaves. Similar to celery, fennel’s parts are all edible, including the seed, which is often used in Italian sausage. The licorice taste of fennel is stronger when you eat it raw. Raw Fennel is not always easy to find. Our fennel balsamic, available in dark or white balsamic makes having this flavor available year-round in your kitchen.

*Use in recipes calling for Anise, Star Anise, Fennel (bulb or seed), Basil, Chervil, Caraway or Thyme.

*Use in Cocktails that call for Sambuca

*Use with Italian Sausage recipes to up the fennel quotient.

*Make Fennel balsamic caramelized red onions for use on Pizza or Focaccia.

*Serve as “drinking licorice”

*Spike your iced tea, hot tea, soda water or lemonade.